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Our website wasn't showing up in the Google results at all. We knew we needed to be on the first page, but had no idea how to get there. JC at Profit Peak Web Design educated us on what we needed to change, so we understood how our search engine strategy fit in with the rest of our marketing efforts. He re-designed our website and now we get leads every day from search engines!

George Tait, Rock & Tait Exteriors, LLC in Eau Claire, WI

Fantastic! I did 3 catalogs with Profit Peak and I got what I paid for. Great to work with! Thanks!!

Kevin, Revolution Manufacturing, LLC in Eau Claire, WI

Where are you located? +

Profit Peak Web Design & Marketing is located at 2000 N. Oxford Ave. in Eau Claire, WI. We are open during the week by appointment. We serve businesses all over the U.S. and are fully equipped for a virtual workflow. You can schedule an appointment at our office, if you are in the Eau Claire area. If you are not located near Eau Claire, you can schedule a meeting in our "Virtual Office". Your marketing consultant will meet with you over the phone, but you will also be able to view a screen-share so you can visually see what's being discussed.

How can I contact you? +

Please fill out our contact form, or call at 715-257-0055.

You can also find Profit Peak Web Design & Marketing on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google Plus.

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What types of businesses do you help? +

Profit Peak Web Design & Marketing has helped businesses in many common industries: Roofing, siding, plumbing, kitchen remodeling, child care, senior care, auto repair shops, restaurants, taverns, and many more!

What services do you offer? +

Our mission is to give small businesses the tools and information to grow. We offer:

We also specialize in WordPress websites for small businesses.

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