Multi-page booklets are a little more complex to design a print ready file.

If you have artwork you created from another company, it might not meet Profit Peak’s standards. Please contact us for design services for the best result.

Here are rules to follow when creating your Multipage booklet:

  • Page counts start on the cover as page 1, inside cover as page 2 and so on.
  • Total bleed is .25” and total Safety is .5”. For example, an 8.5×11 booklet with bleed should be 8.75×11.25 total. This allows us to set up your crossovers properly
  • Multipage PDF files are preferred, but single PDF files in sequential order also work. NO readers OR printers spreads.

Graphic design services are available to make sure your booklet turns out exactly as it was designed.

Still need more help? Contact Profit Peak Marketing for a free consultation!