If you’ve heard the term, or you see website hosting as a line item on your invoice, you might wonder what exactly is web hosting?

Web hosting is a technical part of having a website, but very important.

You should understand a few basic principles, and hopefully your website designer or other expert takes care of the technical details for you.

Web hosting is the computer or “server” that hosts your website files and database. Servers are always on and always connected to the rest of the Internet…so your website is always instantly accessible from any Internet connected computer anywhere in the world.

Quality website hosting is¬†fast and secure, preferably with it’s own IP address.

Managed Hosting

You don’t need to worry about any more details other than that with our Managed Hosting plans.

Managed hosting goes one step further than typical website hosting.

On typical website hosting accounts, if your website breaks or doesn’t work correctly, it’s up to you to fix it or hire a website developer.

With our Managed Hosting, you don’t need to know anything about website hosting, content management systems, updating plugins and themes, security, backups, etc….

We take care of everything, and most plans even have time for monthly content updates.

This is perfect for non-technical users, or people too busy to update or publish to their website.

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